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Our mission is a new solution derived from thorough analysis.
Utilizing the experience and skills cultivated over many years, As professionals familiar with various fields of real estate, we always create customer-oriented optimum opportunities.

As a true advisor with flexible proposal capabilities, we will raise the real estate value of the company, aiming for future-oriented support from various angles according to the changing times.
That is our MAX-REALTY

Business contents

Real Estate Consulting

We offer a wide range of solutions according to changes in how we use real estate.
Because we are familiar with how to use various real estate, It is possible to propose new usage method of real estate best for customers.
With a flexible idea, we plan a mid- to long-term strategy and support each phase one stop by each company.

CRE Business

We will maximize the value of corporate real estate owned (owned / rented) by a company.
Based on the customer's management strategy, thoroughly analyze the current situation and grasp the overall picture of the portfolio.
From the mid- and long-term perspective, we will formulate strategies such as consolidation and closure of bases, sale of idle real estate, purchasing with a view to the future, and utilization of surplus flooring, and realizing an increase in corporate value with our customers.

Owner Representative, Tenant Representative.

We will fully support you for the property value improvement of owning real estate (owner Representative), to optimize rent of leased real estate, management cost (Tenant Representative).
For the owner, property management, negotiations about the lease act, contract management, real estate management agency etc will be carried out.
In addition, at the tenant, we will provide a platform for optimizing rental contents such as strategy planning related to rental activities, negotiation with owners, new contracts, contract renewals, cancellation, etc., and will undertake contract management, payment agency etc.

Facility Management  

Analyze the way of real estate from all angles and lead the optimal solution of real estate value in the company.
In order to improve the quality of real estate, we thoroughly analyze the issues in customer's administration and build a strategic maintenance system and medium- to long-term repair management system.

Asset management

We will optimally arrange the real estate portfolio to be invested and create new value.
Because it is a professional group of finance and real estate, We can invest a variety of assets for investment, and we can bring out optimum performance for our customers.
In particular, Our company is looking for a societal issue of super aging society, Healthcare facilities such as paying nursing homes are assets, We focus on development and asset management.

Real estate M & A

For the purpose of the acquisition of real estate,We offer M & A solution. Through real estate, we lead the win-win relationship that has merit for both seller and buyer, We support real estate M & A.