What is the "Solutions Business"?

Real property is an important resource to be managed by a corporation that owns it.Understanding such assets, formulating accurate action plans and seeking to maximize profits could be extremely important from a strategic viewpoint.

Positioning of MAX-REALTY

Focusing on its clients’ interests, MAX-REALTY becomes a real property consulting partner that realizes maximum profits for its customers by employing various kinds of specialized knowledge.

Working Structure of MAX-REALTY

In addition to its consulting staff, MAX-REALTY makes use of the resources of the XYMAX Group, a comprehensive real property services group comprised of 20 companies which manage in excess of 2000 individual properties, enabling MAX-REALTY to realize maximum profits for its clients.

Working Structure of MAX-REALTY

Flow of Performance of Services

MAX-REALTY provides one-stop real property related services in accordance with the management policies and desires of its clients.

CRE Management

MAX-REALTY provides consulting services based on CRE management to customers who desire to comprehensively analyze, draw the full potential value out of, and utilize real properties owned by them as business resources but may lack understanding of business methods, suffer from shortages of managerial capability and so forth.