Solicitation Policy on Sales of Financial Products

In compliance with Article 9 (Drawing-up etc. of Solicitation Policy) of the Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Products, when recommending and soliciting sales of financial products, we will comply with the following policies and strive to protect the best interests of our customers.

  1. Always endeavoring to earn our customers' trust, we will comply with applicable laws and regulations and respect our customers.
  2. We will provide appropriate and suitable information and product explanations based on the customers' purpose, knowledge, experience and financial condition etc.
  3. We will provide sufficient and proper explanations about important matters concerning products, such as the features and associated risks, that are necessary for our customers to determine the choice and purchase of products at their own responsibilities and judgments.
  4. We will respond to our customers' inquiries and requests etc. with a sincere attitude and strive to improve our future activities.
  5. When soliciting sales of products, we will give consideration to places or hours appropriate to our customers.
  6. We will endeavor to develop and enhance our internal management systems and improve the knowledge and skills of our employees such as having accurate knowledge of our products in order to earn our customers' trust.