What is the "Asset Management Business"?

Employing our ample real property and financial know-how, we provide services from the formation to the winding-up of real property funds exploiting our unique advantages.

Content of ServicesAdvantages
Fund Organization
  • property searches
  • conception of investment strategies
  • liaising with lenders and other concerned parties
  • due diligence
  • closing duties
  • ability to gather wide ranging real property information through use of ample networks
  • ability to pick properties through deep knowledge of real property
  • ability to create order-made investment proposals meeting investors' needs
  • strong relationships with financial institutions within and outside Japan
Interim Operations
  • creation of leasing strategies
  • appropriate cost control
  • formulation of strategic repair plans
  • cash flow management
  • reporting to concerned parties such as investors
  • creation of appropriate operating strategies, and ability to implement the same
  • ability to provide effective operation of unified asset, property and business management in cooperation with sponsors
  • ability of employees who are conversant with financial work to negotiate with financial institutions
  • ability to provide precise reporting
Exit Strategies
  • conception of selling strategies
  • marketing analysis
  • negotiations with potential purchasers
  • arranging refinancing
  • proposing fund restructuring
  • extensive actual experience with sales from one-to-one transactions to open bidding
  • ability to unearth purchaser needs through use of ample networks
  • ability to plan for realization of refinancing and restructuring